My first commercial release with Denis Parker

Eagle Ridin' Papas

Rollin' and Tumblin'

Second cassette release with Denis Parker

Livin' the Blues

First recording with Ruff Ideas (Dave Vivian, Howie Southwood & Wade Pinhorn). 'The Drifter', from this release. was included on the 'Best of the Saturday Night Blues, vol. 1', 1991's Best Roots and Traditional JUNO award

Livin' the Blues

There was a CD release of 'Livin' the Blues' on Warner but due to failure to perform, the artist revoked Warner's right to distribute. The original tunes, remastered for up-to-date standards are available on the Music page

Live at Bridgett's

'Roger Howse and Ruff Ideas: Live at Bridgett's' was a top seller and garnered Roger Howse the inaugural 'Blues Recording of the Year' at 1994's East Coast Music Awards

Pressure Drop: From the Inside Out

NL's premiere reggae band, under rhe direction of Jim Fidler. I played on several tracks on this great record!

The A-tones

My very first recording experience was on Vikkibeat, the ever popular "Middle Cove Beach Party" was on this cassette. recorded. and released by Wallace Hammond

My latest recording available on BandCamp. you can find a link to on the Music Page

Post Pandemic Blues

This is not a complete list, just the highlights

Our Labrador

Produced at CBC St. John's by Glen Tilley and Shirley Montague, this is the recording that gives me goosebumps when I hear it still. Featuring some of Labrador's most talented singer/songwriters, it was an honour to work on.

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